Sabah's Wildlife is in Trouble...

Many of the animals found in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo exist nowhere else on Earth. Many of these animals are threatened with extinction, in large part due to illegal hunting and trade. PAWSE was founded to address illegal wildlife activities in Sabah by implementing three pillars of focus: Education, Enforcement and Empowerment.

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Protective Action for Wildlife in Sabah through Education

Sabah, Malaysia, one of the most biologically diverse regions in the world, is home to many endangered and endemic species that are currently threatened with extinction in part due to illegal wildlife hunting and trade. Increased enforcement efforts are now required to adequately protect and conserve vulnerable wildlife inhabiting areas that are designated for protection. Invaluable to the success of strengthening these efforts is community awareness and support.

What's the issue?

Local Hunting Culture

Indigenous people have been hunting for generations. Only 100 years ago, Bornean Headhunters were still in action. .

Illegal Wildlife Activities

Protected species in Sabah, Borneo are increasingly threatened by illegal hunting and trade of wildlife, even in protected areas.

Endangered Species Population Decline

Endangered wildlife in Sabah, Borneo has lost 80% of their habitat. The second greatest threat to their survival is illegal hunting and trade.

What's our solution?

Environmental Education

Supporting a fundamental understanding of Ecology and Stainability in village communities is the first step.

Increased Enforcement

Endangered species require adequate enforcement of wildlife laws. Enforcement capacity increases with community support.

Alternative Income Options

Village communities rely on hunting for subsistence. Assistance is required to develop alternative economic opportunities that also sustainable manage natural resources.

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Learn more by watching our video introduction. All film was taken in Sabah. We hope that you see this wildlife conservation project as important to support as we do.

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Founded & Directed by

Sabah Wildlife Department and Danau Girang Field Centre.

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The campaign


Launching the Mobile Education Unit

A Protective Action for Wildlife in Sabah through Education (PAWSE) campaign

is bringing education, training and resources to villages in Sabah, Borneo to stop the illegal hunting and trade of Borneo’s endangered wildlife via a renewably-powered Jungle Bus. Custom built to navigate the rugged terrain of remote jungle villages, this vehicle will host community gatherings, display educational media and provide lodging for the PAWSE Team while they live and work on-site, building long-term community relationships.

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Empowering Sabah's Communities

To protect their wildlife

  • Education: Curriculum in Ecology and Stainability
  • Training: Honorary Wildlife Warden and Natural resource Management program development
  • Leadership & Employment: Employing leaders in each community to help build communication bridges
  • Resources: Sustainably -built economic opportunity development



More about the campaign

The PAWSE campaign is designed to build a network that facilitates connectivity between wildlife protection enforcement agencies, native communities, local schools and Sabah-based wildlife conservation organizations. PAWSE is dedicated to providing innovative education for communities in Sabah that currently participate in illegal wildlife practices, while providing resources for developing sustainable wildlife practices and alternative income opportunities.

The PAWSE campaign and bus tour is a five-year project that will influence the whole of Sabah through on-site environmental education, network building and prevalent multi-media use.

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You contribution will directly influence this initiative to conserve wild life in the oldest rainforest on Earth, before they disappear.

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PAWSE is a partner for the conservation of tropical rainforests through practical solutions and with respectful commitment to local people.

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About P.A.W.S.E.

PAWSE is an educational initiative focused on enhancing Sabah’s wildlife protection efforts by promoting a greater awareness of the ecological implications of illegal wildlife hunting and trade practices in Sabah.

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